About Healing Together

When our relationships are safe and healthy, so are our communities. Healing Together is a new campaign that engages men, and people of all genders, in the work to build safe and accountable communities by focusing on healing, gender justice, and racial equity—instead of punishment—to end intimate partner violence. We aim to shift away from punitive policies and systems that produce violence and expand community-based approaches that focus on prevention, accountability, and healing for all.

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Why Healing Together?

Intimate partner violence is a frightening reality for millions of Californians and a public health crisis that especially affects Black, Native, and bisexual women and transgender people.

For decades, women in the anti-violence movement have led the critical work of meeting the immediate safety needs of survivors — saving countless lives. It is time to build on those efforts and expand the conversation by doing more to address the root causes of harm and the need for healing for all — including those who have caused harm.

We can’t end violence through policing and incarceration, especially when half of survivors won’t call the police for fear of unintended consequences and 75% of survivors who do call the police say it was either harmful or not helpful. Through Healing Together, we will build safe and accountable communities by focusing on gender and racial equity and healing — instead of punishment — to end intimate partner violence.

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