When our relationships are safe and healthy, so are our communities.

Healing Together is a new campaign that engages men, and people of all genders, in the work to build safe and accountable communities by focusing on healing, gender justice, and racial equity—instead of punishment—to end intimate partner violence. We aim to shift away from punitive policies and racist systems that produce violence, and expand community based approaches that focus on prevention, accountability, and healing for all.

Ending cycles of violence and having healthy relationships is possible—but only if we address the root-causes of violence, including patriarchy and racial inequity, and provide opportunities for accountability and healing for everyone—including those who have caused harm.

If you or your organization would like to join our efforts to end intimate partner violence by imagining new approaches and responses that center safety, healing, and racial equity, please join the Healing Together campaign!

As a part of the Healing Together campaign, we are holding trainings on healthy manhood, men’s circles during October for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and advocating for policy solutions—some of which are included in our recently released paper, Healing Together: Shifting Approaches to End Intimate Partner Violence. Organizations that join Healing Together are added onto our ABMoC website and are invited to join calls and convenings with other Healing Together Partners.